917l Hippy

mlh, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Final rendering from 2003.


917hippyrough3, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Final rough, incorporating more accurate representation of colors and values for the final.


917hippyrough2, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Second rough for the 917L "hippy"


917hippyrough1, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Rough for layout of the graphic as it separates from the car in plan view.



VertigoLinework, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Working drawing. It's a model kit on paper. Nice to have draw only half a tire tread.


Messerschmitt Hot Rod

Messerschmitt Hot Rod, originally uploaded by Xyling.

War surplus put to good use. Terrorize the suburbs like it's 1943 all over again.



RA270studiofront, originally uploaded by Xyling.

The Honda RA270 with bodywork in place as tested by Jack Brabham. Digital model.

RA270 digital model

RA270 digital model, originally uploaded by Xyling.

12 pipes. One for each cylinder. 1.5 liters, 12 cylinders, each with the diameter of a poker chip. Transverse.

Radical thinking by Honda for it's first Formula One/GP design.


Bad Penny

Bad Penny small, originally uploaded by Xyling.

I wanted to do this color scheme, somewhat in reference to John Player Special black in gold, but using matte black and copper. The motor and body are non-existent. I just stuffed some bits in there to fill the space. If you want some specs, we'll just call it a straight six with some sort of blower attached to the front.



condensedMURAL, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Imagine this image, shown here cut up and stacked, as one long mural, 100 feet long, nine feet tall. This mural is installed in Honda R&D's Raymond Ohio facility and shows some important "characters" in Honda's racing history.

Top to bottom, reading left to right first:

Silver car- Curtiss airplane engined custom racer built and raced my Mr. Honda around 1924. Body/chassis is a Mitchell.

Motorcycle- Jim Redman on the dominating Honda RC163 (250cc). It won every race it entered during the 1962 season.

Yellow car- 12 hours of Suzuka class winning Honda S800 (1968).

White car- 1965 Mexican GP winning 1.5 liter RA272. Driver Richie Ginther (USA). Honda's first grand prix win.

Motorcycle- Freddie Spencer on board the 1985 championship winning NSR500.

Lower car- Ayrton Senna in the constructor's championship winning McLaren-Honda MP4/5. His teammate, Alain Prost won the driver's championship.

Upper car- Alex Zanardi, Reynard Honda. 1997, 1998 champion.


RT360 small

RT360 small, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Just something I imagined would be fun to tear around the city in, creating havoc. Honda T360 delivery truck mated to a 1.5 liter V12 Honda grand prix motor. Oh-Kei.


1951 pontiac hood ornament

1951 pontiac hood ornament, originally uploaded by Xyling.

In the greatest days of Detroit styling, the typical studio had experts in the design of trim and ornamentation. Detail didn't get much grander than items like this 1951 Pontiac hood ornament. It's probably a hefty 3 pounds of metal. With fuel economy and profit margins today, such extravagance is not considered on the everyman's car, and very rare even on the most luxurious brands. The fine detailing and design on the classic item are amazing. It's a bit of sculpture that had no purpose on the car, no function, apart from style. Common '51 Pontiacs got the regular all chrome hood mascot, but this was the special lighted amber version, a small bulb inside would illuminate the chieftain's head. The absolute peak of hood ornament design may be the 1955 Starchief amber head ornament. Where the '51 recalled the art deco Raymond Loewy locomotives, the '55 took the Chieftain into the jet age, sprouting broad swept chrome wings and slick blended turbine pontoons. After '55, the Indian head disappeared, and only the jet remained. Somehow it lost a lot of its drama. The distinction of the brand eroded enough for decades after so that by 2009, hardly anyone missed Pontiac when GM dissolved the brand. How can a brand retain distinctive character and attention to detail in a more economy driven auto design world? Will we see a rebirth of art in the common car some day? I don't see why not- it may not be chrome, but some light, less expensive material that provides adornment and individuality...

Pontiac hood ornaments

Vette Final Graphics

Vette Final Graphics, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Paul worked at our company for decades. I "painted" his car in Photoshop, tweaking the proportions somewhat for a more dramatic effect. The background is a mix of scanned in painted surfaces for a more analog texture.

Mexican GP

MexicoFinal, originally uploaded by Xyling.

The second design in the "decals that never existed but I wanted to have one so I made it from scratch" series.

In 1963, Mr. Honda proposed that his company should enter Grand Prix auto racing, despite only building passenger cars for only 1 year. By 1964, Honda entered it's first GP with a driver from Glendale California named Ronnie Bucknum. In 1965, learning quickly, the new chassis with a transverse 1.5 liter V12 was competitive, and a second car driven by veteran Richie Ginther dominated the field at the high altitude track in Mexico, easily scoring the first victory for Honda, but also the first of many wins for Goodyear as a tire supplier in Formula One.



500, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Photoshoppery. There's a lot of examples of cars Photochopped to short cartoon proportions http://www.treehugger.com/small-photoshopped-cars-01.jpg

There are some cartoon cars in production, so I took the opposite approach here and did a stretch of a Fiat 500.



Untitled-7, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Some artwork from school, about 16 years ago, gasp. (as of 2010)
Marker chalk colored pencil on 20x40" Vincent vellum

Honda 1968 Monza

Not old., originally uploaded by xyling.

I created this fake decal a while back from scratch in Photoshop. During the extremely successful McLaren and Williams Honda years, Honda would create stickers to celebrate each GP win. I don't think they were made in the 1960's, so hypothetically, they might have looked like this. There were only two Honda F1 race wins during the first era (1964-1968) so it was easy to do both. Spent hours looking for the right feeling vintage fonts. The Honda lettering was reconstructed into a more primitive, slightly awkward form to fit the logic of time and usage. the decay texturing was manipulated from a texture grabbed from Mayang's Textures (website, thanks)



gt49 color rough, originally uploaded by xyling.

Had sudden inspiration on the way home this evening and sketched this up. Hopefully I'll dial in the details and render it up nicely some time. Another thumbnail colored up quicklike. Merging a 49 Ford with a GT40 in gulf livery.

Low T

Low T, originally uploaded by xyling.

Thinking about T buckets, I wondered what it would look like just to modify the stance of a Model T, and not mess around so much with the detail. Keeping the stock spoke wheels, but doubling them up in back. Fast couple of 1.5" thumbnails above. Took the tighter one and colored it up in Photoshop. Low res results, but very quick.