condensedMURAL, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Imagine this image, shown here cut up and stacked, as one long mural, 100 feet long, nine feet tall. This mural is installed in Honda R&D's Raymond Ohio facility and shows some important "characters" in Honda's racing history.

Top to bottom, reading left to right first:

Silver car- Curtiss airplane engined custom racer built and raced my Mr. Honda around 1924. Body/chassis is a Mitchell.

Motorcycle- Jim Redman on the dominating Honda RC163 (250cc). It won every race it entered during the 1962 season.

Yellow car- 12 hours of Suzuka class winning Honda S800 (1968).

White car- 1965 Mexican GP winning 1.5 liter RA272. Driver Richie Ginther (USA). Honda's first grand prix win.

Motorcycle- Freddie Spencer on board the 1985 championship winning NSR500.

Lower car- Ayrton Senna in the constructor's championship winning McLaren-Honda MP4/5. His teammate, Alain Prost won the driver's championship.

Upper car- Alex Zanardi, Reynard Honda. 1997, 1998 champion.

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