Lunar Truck Sketch 5

Lunar Truck Sketch 5, originally uploaded by Xyling.

NOW I think I'm calling this one the final. I'm happier with the more exposed chassis and primitive surfacing. Should be lots of fun to detail up. Hope to illustrate it this weekend. Will probably scale the wheels down. I always have to pull back the toy-like/cartoony tendencies.


Soviet Lunar Truck Sketch 4

Lunar Truck Sketch 4, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Original pencil on envelope (water bill) at bottom, Quickie (mouse) Photoshop tint and value version at top.


Jet Fighter 2

Jet Fighter 2, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Hypothetical Korean War era experimental jet. Photoshop color over pencil scan.

Jet Fighter Sketches

Jet Fighter Sketches, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Going for 1950's to early 1960's look with these. Graphite on paper, tinted in Photoshop.


Fighter plane sketches 3

Fighter plane sketches 3, originally uploaded by Xyling.

More small sketches getting some winged vehicles under my belt.


Mitsubishi A8M-7 "Devilbird"

fp26, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Theoretical fighter design. Rendered in Photoshop over pencil sketch.


"Devilbird" rendering steps


FP-1, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Gear up and taking flight. Did a couple pages of perspective sketches that were not nice at all (as is typical. I need to practice drawing planes a lot more), but liked the side view proportion and direction so I inked the lines in, scanned, and 'shopped in some color.


Soviet Lunar Truck sketch 2

Soviet Lunar Truck sketch 2, originally uploaded by Xyling.

I think I've arrived at my proportion destination.


Configura., originally uploaded by Xyling.

1995: "Keep up with rapidly changing auto fashion with easily removable panels."

20"x40" vellum concept illustration from school. The assignment was something like a 12 hour render, get a color copy and then render over the copy. Marker, chalk, colored pencil etc.


Soviet Lunar Truck sketch pages 1

Soviet Lunar Truck sketch pages 1, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Something developing here. Circa 1970 Soviet lunar surface recon truck.


Lyte Sykle

lytesykle, originally uploaded by Xyling.

I wanted to submit something unique for the Tron Light Cycle illustration contest on Sidequesting.com, so my take is a chopper proportioned ride. Question: is there wind in Tron world?