Soviet Lunar Truck sketch 2

Soviet Lunar Truck sketch 2, originally uploaded by Xyling.

I think I've arrived at my proportion destination.


  1. nice! whats the end goal with this?

  2. Hey Vaughan, a friend and I are just doing some rendering projects on different themes. This is for the first theme. End goal is just a rendo for the theme. I should consult with you since you're now an expert on vehicles in a vacuum!

  3. Nice! I know you're probably trying to enjoy the painting part of it but I think this would make an awesome model.

    As far as space vehicles, all I know is pooping in space is apparently a bit of a mission http://www.allaboutvanities.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/space_toilet31.jpg

  4. Lol, judging by the foot straps and grab handles, there seems to be an issue with liftoff during use! Of course it looks rad and very expensive.