Garbage Patrol

garbage patrol, originally uploaded by Xyling.

"This garbage truck is a job and home rolled into one. The city gives the driver free room and board in the living capsule in the back of the vehicle provided that he completes the daily pickups. Back at the city owned lot, the truck is resupplied and connected to utilities. In some instances, the driver is actually locked inside the vehicle as part of a semi-parole job program. Razorpoint ink pen on 9x12 recycled photo scrap book paper."

Old drawing, new resolution. Finally found the original drawing for this and rescanned at a 21st century web dimension.


  1. Thanks, Stephen! Love your work too!

  2. Hello JF,
    I agree, great sketch!
    Each time, I'm impressed by your ability to imagine all these little amazing details ;o)

  3. Love this concept...what if the prisoner went haywire in there and started tearing into buildings with that arm

  4. Great! Great drawing, design, lines, all those things!

  5. Thanks Vaughan and Christian. I suppose there would be some trust involved in the prisoner work release thing...or perhaps a monitoring center somewhere?