Deep Sea 1 Bathyscape

DeepSea1, originally uploaded by Xyling.

The underwater vehicle genre is a new thing for me to draw, so I'm having fun exploring the freedoms of not needing to ground these, but be less concerned with aero clean-ness as this thing putters around at a pretty slow speed in the inky depths. Mechanical pencil on Tria marker paper.


Pressurized-Hull Bulldozer

SubCat2, originally uploaded by Xyling.

See sketch process video set in previous post.

Pressurized-Hull Bulldozer Sketch Process

Pressurized-Hull Bulldozer Sketch Part 1
Pressurized-Hull Bulldozer Sketch Part 2
Pressurized-Hull Bulldozer Sketch Part 3

I did my first attempt at doing some video of my analog sketch process. I tried a couple of other camera angles, this one is upside down, but has the least hand obstruction. Hope it is useful or interesting. If you have the patience to actually sit down and watch it, make sure you try the full size HD version (change the quality settings.) Thanks!