The Honda RC166 was one of the most interesting and successful bikes of the "Golden Age" motorcycle racing era. It was ridden by Mike Hailwood and Jim Redman to multiple victories and world championships. A few years ago, I decided to tackle it using Alias Studiotools software. It took quite a while due to time available, the level of detail, and also the lack of materials to replicate every detail. I purchased a lot of books and scoured the web for photos for months. The same month I was wrapping up the remainder of the modeling, Tamiya released a model kit- too late to reference, but interesting to validate proportions and details that I had to make guesses at. Rendered here in hypothetical privateer colors, sans fairing. The chop at the lower right is from my father in law, approximating my last name "Frye" with the Chinese characters "fu lai", translating to "luck comes." I have a lucky name!


  1. Still can't believe this was done in studiotools...insane

  2. This is pretty amazing dude. Jeepers!