robo, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Artwork from the turn of the century.


Kit Box

Kit Box, originally uploaded by Xyling.

Finished, folded box...should have put some old plastic parts in there for that authentic rattle.


Frankenstein Kit Box

FrankensteinFinalFrankless, originally uploaded by Xyling.
Illustration done for co-worker. Made an effort to create a vintage kit box art illo. Got the background color from an old magazine print ad so it had the right halftone feeling, then grabbed some vintage magazine off white for the rest of the background. The main "Frankenstein" font was painted from scratch in Photoshop using Ed Roth kit lettering reference. The rest of the artwork was created in Photoshop trying to replicate the old style analog brushwork. I then overlayed halftone dots on the finished illustration to push the cheap old color printing style. Box scuffs scanned from a 40 year old Kraftwerk record cover in my collection.