GP Tens: Bizarre Entries

More experimental race vehicles in the GP Tens race series. According to the formula, nothing was illegal, so imaginations and ideas ran wild, budget and engineering skill permitting. 1915 saw at least half a dozen different entries with six wheels or more, mostly as an attempt to carry the weight of enormous double engine layouts and for the narrow tired front traction issues. None of the triple axle designs had any success as tight turns proved difficult to negotiate and too much mechanical complication meant increased likelihood of mechanical failure.


  1. Hello John,
    very impressive uchronia.
    you have the material for a very good and interesting story.
    But, now, you have no choice...we want more !!!

  2. Thank you MaPY! For the time being, the story will continue!

  3. John, you're a beast! I wish all these vehicles you've been doing lately were actual models/toys so I can buy them!

    1. Thanks Brandon, let me know if you have a top pick for this page!

    2. Parallel Inline Four. The massiveness of it, along with the exposure of the engine. It also feels like the engine is so huge that it originally didn't fit into it and the body had to be modified to fit that beast.

      I would also imagine this thing to be one of those vehicles where other racers wouldn't think its fast because its so huge, but it would just be breathing down the other racers' neck just to give the driver some fun!