GP Tens: Brickhouse Special

In one branch of dimensional world history, there was no assassination attempt on Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and as a result, things just settled down in Europe and racing flourished during the second decade of the 20th century. GP Tens, a formula libre brought together the best automotive and aeronautical engineers of the day for insane competition where innovation was the key to winning. William F. Brickhouse, founder of Brickhouse Mining and Medical had the 17 liter V6 built for the 1915 GP Tens Cup race in Pennsylvania. Brickhouse managed third place at the Uniontown board track. In 1916, William's brother, Franklin L. Brickhouse had the car shipped to England where he intended to run at Brooklands, but the steamship rolled over in a storm and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic. The floatation shipping crate that Franklin had designed as insurance for such an event broke loose as designed, but the crew had survival on their minds, not keeping tabs on the loose cargo. The car was never seen again. The Brickhouse brothers moved on and had success with the 1917 Brickhouse Speedliner, nearly winning the GP Tens Cup that year.


  1. I'm gonna go set up a tent on the beach and wait for that container to wash up! Looks rad as heck!

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    2. Thanks, Christian! I think we all could use one of those magical "draw it and it will appear in real life" machines!