GP Tens: Jesperson Superflivver

Trouser magnate Samuel T.Y. Jesperson entered the 1917 GP Tens Cup with a unique chassis built around a Brickhouse parallel straight bank 8. A crowd favorite at Jesperson's home track debut in Dayton, Ohio, the "Superflivver" failed to deliver the goods, dropping two laps to the leader in the first ten. Throughout the season, Team Jesperson managed to chase out some chassis issues that plagued the handling performance, and coaxed an additional 7 bhp out of the 18 liter engine and had a solid points finish by the end of the season, despite not winning a single podium. The car was put in storage immediately at the close of the season in anticipation of running in 1918, but Jesperson contracted typhoid while on vacation in French-Indochina that winter. The car was unearthed from the coach house of the Jesperson estate in 1952 by the great-nephew of S. Jesperson and is in preserved, but unrestored condition, permanently displayed at the GP Tens Museum in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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