The whole sketchbook thing was never much a thing for me as I was more of a sketch on any blank paper scrap kind of artist. Working around the spine and elevation of many pages is kind of a skill I have yet to master but am starting to get used to. Lots of fun to do these little guys for the Napkin Sketch Facebook group in my Cottonwood Arts sketchbook.


Comic Book Cars: Green Hornet "Black Beauty"

Based on a class assignment to design a vehicle for a comic book character, here's some Black Beauties for The Green Hornet to drive.


Concept Design Academy Vehicle Design In-Class Demo

Drawing and talking is a bit of an art that I am still getting used to. Amping myself up on caffeine and then trying to relax my nerve and explain process as I work through a line drawing (on paper) and then the digital color illo is a right brain-left brain juggling act of sorts.