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The days of Blogger are over...I'm continuing to post new work on my Behance website. This makes it easier to browse projects and view in high res. My last post here is my winning contribution to the Agorapode competition, the theme being Aston Martin+Land Speed+Star Wars. This is the resulting mashup!

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In the interest of doing an about face of sorts in redesigning this iconic vehicle for a certain desmodus-man, I returned to a more comic-book approach. More style, less bare functionality. Back when the cape was just a cape, not a kevlar reinforced protective shield. There was the inner conflict that always existed with this character that was apparent, but what about the struggle of trying to be stealthy versus the need to be expressive and needing attention? In this design, it's more about expressive impact than functional camouflage. More working process images on Behance. 




I'm having some color conversion issues when posting these to Blogger, but here we go again...


Moleskin I: Xunk-TH

Eh...I was a bit disappointed that I had purchased the off-white toothy cold-press paper version of the Moleskin sketchbook. I bought it over a month ago far away and didn't open it until yesterday, so no way to return it. The ballpoint works OK with the surface, but it isn't ideal. Scanning in the tonality of the paper picks up- I may need to swap to a different marker underlay color and value- something warmer probably. In any case, this sketch breaks in the book.



For the Daily Spitpaint Facebook group, definitely a needed exercise for me as I get obsessed with finished lineworky stuff. This forces you to work with value and color faster- 30 minutes from blank page to finish, no photochoppery or photo brushes.


Vehicle Design at Concept Design Academy enrollment open!

 Enrollment is open at CDA where I will be teaching Concept Vehicle Design. Learn a broad range of vehicle types from air to wheeled to space. Basic functional and mechanical design to help create interesting concepts with believability are instructed as well as aesthetics and the history of flight and automobile styling to gain an understanding of how to create vehicles for any particular era of design.

Concept Design Academy enrollment link!